The Prisoner - ZX Spectrum

Spanish version available HERE

You storm into an office. You shout, rant and rave at a man sat behind a desk, and slam down a letter. You have resigned your job with British intelligence. You storm out of the office. You drive back to your home through the streets of central London in your Lotus Seven, followed by a black hearse. Inside, you collect your passport, an airline ticket and two suitcases. You must leave quickly. An undertaker enters the house. Gas is pumped into the room through the keyhole. Skyscrapers spin, you fall backwards...

"The Prisoner" is a ZX Spectrum port from the text adventure based on the 60's cult classic TV series originally written for the Commodore 64 by the Commodore PLUS team. Original Quill source code was translated into PAWS using InPAWS. Loading screen was composed using ZX Paintbrush.

Translation into english has been assited by David Stimpson (well known expert in the original series) and Nicholas Campbell (also well known retro-computing enthusiast).

Oficial 3-page teaser



Actual and discarded loading screeens

Tape Inlay

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