Haunted House Remix

Version 0.99 May 13th 2010

About the game

Haunted House Remix is a remake of the original game (c)1979 by Device Oriented Games and edited by Radio Shack for the TRS-80 model I and Model III computers originally intended for an Amiga retro-computing remake competition. I choose it as an original copy of the game, which consisted in a leaflet and a cassette case inside a ziploc bag, was recently added to my personal text adventure collection through an ebay auction.

I strongly recommend playing the original game whenever possible and get the direct experience of how things that would be considered unacceptable limitations nowadays were actually enjoyable and fun in the context of early 8-bit home computer machines. Images of the game are easy to spot at TRS-80 software archives and they work like a charm under both Windows and Amiga TRS-80 emulators.

A complete dossier about the game, including full solution, can be found at the following website, whose information was extensively consulted during the making of this remix:

Haunted House at FIGMENTFLY.COM

Tools and resources used

: Haunted House Remix was written with AMOS Professional in a 68030 accelerated Amiga 1200. Music was created with Open Modplug Tracker under Windows. Sound samples were converted to Amiga IFF format with Goldwave. Pictures were adapted to Amiga using Personal Paint. AmiTRS80 emulator was extensively used to check the behaviour of the original game while softly multitasking with AMOS Pro.

Enhancements and differences from the original game

Other than that the game pretended to be a plain port of the late 70's work as close to the original as possible. It's not totally identical as it happened that the game engine used (just ripped from my last Amiga text adventure attempt) could not be downgraded to work the same way, so the parser can handle words like "IT" and "ALL" when the first Haunted House, meant to work in a 4 Kb machine, could not.

Basic usage

If you are not used to text adventure gaming I suggest taking a look into the wikipedia entry for "Interactive Fiction" for a detailed tour through the medium and its History.

As most classic text adventure games Haunted House Remix will accept simple two-words commands. Some usual examples are:

Some Haunted House Remix specific coomamds are:


The game has been succesfully executed om a kickstart 3.1 68030 based Amiga 1200, an unexpanded Amiga 600 and an emulated 512 Kb Amiga 500 with WinUAE.

Version history

Distribution Licence

"Haunted House Remix" is freeware, so it's freely distributable as long as no modifications are made to its files without tha author's permission.


Original copy of the game. The game emulated under AmiTRS80. Screenshot from the remix.

Making-of video


Zip archive with both, lha and ADF files here