An Amiga Christmas Story - Prologue

Version 1.00 - March 17th 2010

A short text adventure by rockersuke, late to join the 1st Festive Annual Amiga Game Making Competition but in time to encourage more comps, more games, and more Amiga fun in years to come.

About the game and its limitations.

This little brief work of interactive fiction was intended to attend the Christmas 2009 comp, but never made it in time. It is to be considered as a teaser, first chapter, prologue or intro to a complete text adventure game which will eventually be released later.

It's been developed with AMOS Professional. Audio samples are CC from jobro and infobandit and the tree picture was taken at my job. Music was written with ModPLug Tracker under Windows.

As a work meant for a fast programming contest, It lacks quiet a few basic features any game of its kind should have. What's essentially missing is:

Basic usage

If you are not used to text-adventure gaming I suggest taking a look into the wikipedia entry for "Interactive Fiction" for a detailed tour through the medium and its history.

The game understands some commonly accepted standard commands as:

The game will understand the use of "IT" or "ALL" words under certain circumstances. E.G. you can EXAMINE object and then use GET IT as the next command. If there are several items in a location you can try and take them all with a single command using TAKE ALL.



The game has been succesfully executed on a kickstart 3.1 68030 accelerated Amiga 1200 and a kickstart 3.1 68000 Amiga 600. Under WinUAE emulation the game loaded fine in a plain 512 Kb kickstart 1.3 Amiga 500 provided that Workbench was not loaded and consuming memory. So any 1 Mb machine is a safe guess, and a bootable disk with just the game file and a startup-sequence to run it will presumably work in any 512 KB Amiga.

Version history

Distribution License

"An Amiga Christmas Story" is freeware, so It's freely distributable as long as no modifications are made to its files without the author permission.



Download here a zip file with an LHA archive and a adf file